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M&C's R & D capabilities

M&C awares that time to market can be a critical factor in today' fast changing and demanding market place. It is for this reason that we have made significant investments both in the required human resources and technology to reduce product development times to a minimum.
A 40-staff strong designer and engineering team equipped with state-of-art CAD/ProE software can turn a product idea into a finished product in a matter of weeks. It is for this reason that at M&C some 90 per cent of products are original designs. The rest are custom-made products.
M&C' strength is also in its own manufacturing capability consisting of two factories with a total of 14,000 sqm of manufacturing space. We test products crucially, we introduce our lights functions and apparent-instruction testing instrument for you as below.

        EMC300A electromagnetism conduct disturbing testing system: Testing herent interference which conducts through wires, can satisfy 3C certification standard to conduct disturbing test requirements in domestic and overseas.

        HB-3A: Electricity parameter and wave forms output by ballast, features and functions, voltage, true rms response, active power, power factor, supplying electricity frequency testing, voltage and current harmonic, analyzing light voltage, light current, the peak value of filament current and cathode current, virtual value, wave peak coefficient and true rms response of the largest high –frequency wave and parameter.

        Oscillograph Function: Observing undeecurve which change according to time in different signal rang, testing different voltage, for instance, voltage、current 、frequency、 skewing,、mixing range.

        Light-color-electricity analyzer: Testing luminance flux、 relative spectral rating, color coordinate, ray radiation rating, relative color temperature, color index, fuzziness, peak wavelength, spectral halfwidth, head wavelength ,red ratio, solid color and other parameter.

        Integraph: Testing luminous flux of verify light sources, sterance, ultraviolet radiation rating, spectrum radiation rating and some parameters.

        Trochotron raining test device:Detecting defend function of instruments which can defend raining, finish swinging angle(such as 60°、90°、180°) through adopting electrical machine control way to satisfy (GB4706,GB4208,GB2423) requirements.

        Car stimulant transport teat machine: Testing the function of product packing to accord with some international transport standards.

        Salt water ingestion test instrument: Disposing the surface of materials mainly, testing rusty-resistant after dealing with painting, plating, cynical, rusty-resistant oil.

        Electricial double -pole pull machine: Testing non-metal materials such as: rubber, plastic, wires, fabric, non-woven fabrics and metal materials: tinsel, mental panel, metal stick, and can testing pulling, compressing, peeling, cutting, laniating.